Spanish imprint Sincopat delivers a wonderful package this week with driving grooves and interesting rhetorical notes throughout.  Label head AFFKT guides us on the 21st step towards Sincopat’s 30th release, celebrated by the amazing illustrations of Philip Cassirer and some quality numbers for your dancing souls.

Opening act “We Are Safe” is a motivating, cosmic gem and Grecian producer transforms and deepens it for a smooth ride.  “Therapy” doses an edgy, techy element to the equation and Sartori really takes it under his wing with dreamy feels, light on its feet  as it sails to the conclusion.

“In obtaining this record, you have taken the first step towards self-improvement…”  PURCHASE HERE

Artist: AFFKT,, Sartori
Title: We Are Safe
Label: Sincopat
Release Date: March 3rd, 2014
Catalogue #: SYNC21