While it’s been one year since their first release, it’s been two years since MEXA Records’ Papilord Louie Fresco first did a song called ‘No Hateration’ that has been setting the mood sexy on dance floors ever since. With vocals pulled from the infamous R&B ‘Family Affair’ anthem of the early 2000s, the track pays homage to hip hop roots and carries that air of badass swag. While the two year old vintage was a more classic deep house sound, 2 years later Louie takes his own track for an OG makeover, this time staying true his own original style and sound by taking it for a twisted dark ride. A siren calling, middle eastern guitar entices from the beginning luring you in slowly only to succumb to a heavy eerie bassline. Laced with hauntingly provocative synths and menacing percussion, the layers of cleverly blended elements make for one seriously seductive sinister track.

The EP features 4 remixes. The first is from a good friend of MEXA that needs no introduction, Kolombo. Whereas Louie’s original barely takes note of the vocals focusing more on the instrumental elements of the track, Kolombo’s remix pays them spotlight giving the track back more of the R&B vibe. With a bouncier deep bassline, funky effects, and the prominent vocals, Kolombo delivers a solid deep remix ready for the dance floor. He did his remix a fair bit longer than a year ago and it has been a staple to his sets and Noir’s sets since.

Next up we have an act that is no stranger to MEXA, Louie’s label mates on MEXA and No.19, Jakkin Rabbit. Jakkin Rabbit take the track for a tantilizing tech spin. Amped up with layer upon layer of perfectly laid percussion to get your feet stomping, this remix is perfect for that harder vibe.

Last but not least we have one of dance music’s greatest remixers and house legend, MK. MK’s remix brings that sexy deep sound with a booty bouncing bassline and R&B vocal vibes. With heavy synths and hard hitting kick drums coming in midtrack it maintains that gangster vibe. It’s too hard to pick a favorite as each interpretation is so solid in it’s own right. Absolutely loving each version off this loaded little EP.


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Artist: Louie Fresco // Kolombo, Jakkin Rabbit, MK
Title: New Hateration
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date: July 1
Catalog: MEXA016