M A N I K is currently offering up the first EP in a series of experimental and original works he plans on releasing over the next few months. M A N I K is quickly shaping up to be a prolific electronic musical force in the industry. He’s recently played with legends like Josh Wink at Space, Ibiza and is consistently releasing unique, well-produced music. The New York City native has released music on Ovum, Poker Flat, Hot Creations, Turquoise Blue, Real Tone, Culprit, and this rolodex flips on. Additionally, he regularly releases music himself though the power of the Internet (like this EP), conjuring up the quintessential Millennial musician – musically immersive, self-determined, empowered, open-minded.

The EP is a collection of three warm, slow tracks that demonstrate M A N I K’s incredible versatility as a musician. Pure electronic composition at its best, each tracks is a journey into artistic exploration of sound, rather than just another dance number. Definitely listen and download and keep a look out for forthcoming free EPs from M A N I K.



1. Coastal

2. So Close

3. Heart 60