From live painting sessions during a genre-blending performance by Emancipator, to a themed CoLaB Camp, and a 360° interactive, visual art dome, Lightning in a Bottle sure knows how to entertain their fans!

This year Lightning in a Bottle, announced a fun new camping experience, CoLaB Camping. CoLaB Camps, are themed camps, offering an immersive and community minded experience, hosted by festival attendees. These camps give festival goers the opportunity to express their creative self, and share it with others.

To apply to host a CoLaB Camp, festival goers can apply here:

Deadline to apply: March 31, 2020

Also announced and making it’s return since 2017 is the MOVA experience. The MOVA experience is a 360° interactive art dome, that will visualize an immersive art gallery. Android Jones has been collaborating with DoLaB since 2010, and creating some of the best immersive art-minded, and technology blending experiences. 

Alex and Allyson Grey, the followers of the psychedelic path, and spiritual artistic mysticism, will be coming back to the Lightning in a Bottle festival, offering their conceptual and abstract painting teachings to festival goers. The pair met in 1975, whilst studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. They continue to share their experience on the spiritual and psychedelic lifestyle with the world, whilst creating conceptual, abstract art.