[New Release]  There really is nothing bad can you say about Lazaro Casanova and his label petFood.  Both the man and the label are class and over the years have shown that they both are forces to be reckoned with.  With petFood’s latest release, Lo-Fi Love Songs, Lazaro himself delivers two stunning tracks.

The first track, ‘Electrify My Life,’ is a pure dance floor banger. With its deep grooves,  funky vocals, and overall feel good vibe, this track is definitely one to rock the crowd.  The other track from the release, ‘Love You Down’ is a bewitchingly deep track with seductive vocals and a pumping bass line.  This one is also another track to set the dance floor a blaze.

This is a great release from petFood and from Lazaro himself. petFood’s releases are overwhelmingly amazing, and I always look forward to anything new from both the label, and, of course, Lazaro — I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.


Artist:  Lazaro Casanova

Title:  Lo-Fi Love Songs

Label:  petFood

Catalog No.:  FOOD030

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