[New Release]  Disclosure Crew is most certainly a name that you are going to start hearing a lot more of, if you have not already.  They’ve already released tracks from Nobody Knows, Made To Move, Jonny Hopkinson and others, and this time, rising star Delia Ros steps up to the plate.  Joining forces with another new comer, Raul Deval, they bring us this lovely EP, Move On.  In addition, the talented Cesar Coronado and Dromme both deliver superb remixes.

The title track, ‘Move On,’ is a scorcher of a track.  With its thumping bass, crawly vocals, and mod melody, this one is sure to heat up dance floors.  ‘What She Likes’ is another hot track with its tenacious groove and propelling melody, and, not to be forgotten, foreboding sub.  Cesar Coronado gives the original a nice re rub with tight grooves and smooth moves, definitively a deep house monster.  Dromme takes the other original from the release and remixes it in a fine style giving it that sweet gangsta touch that finishes up the record perfectly.

Overall this is a great release for Disclosure Crew and the remixers; there are lots of great sounds coming from all these guys and it can only get better.  We are really looking forward to what they have in store for the future and can’t wait to hear what will be coming out next.


Artist:  Delia Ros & Raul Deval

Title:  Move On

Label:  Disclosure Crew

Catalog No.:  DCR004

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