Ahead of his album release on his new label Delta Wave Records we caught up with French producer and all round great artist, Laboreal to find his label inspirations, the Resonance album comes next month…

Artists of very high quality. Productions of Christian Loffler have a unique grain. Superb productions

Beautiful discovery. I listen to these artists right now. It gives me inspiration. I listen to a lot of ambient music. A lot of artists who are really good on this label

Experimental and multi instrumentalist artists. I am impressed by the quality of the productions and the originality of the compositions. I have been following the releases of this label since the first albums of, Peter Broderick. I really like this artist. It’s been a long time since I discovered, Rival Consoles. For me, he is so good.

I love this label. Impressed by the quality and number of releases and artists. I really like the identity of the projects.

An experimental music label on which I have made beautiful discoveries for a long time. I take pleasure in always following the releases on this label.