Plump Records is here with a mission, a mission to be, they say, “fat positive, sex positive, queer positive, feminist and anti racist with a focus on centering underrepresented and marginalized voices.” We are here for that, and we are also here for the killer tunes they have lined up, firstly from Kevin Knapp & Hutchtastic. 

The EP opens in fantastic fashion with chunky drums and a killer bassline that worms and rubs its way underneath to bring the filthy funk. In My Face is cut up with choppy perc and hits and slinky bass sounds that will pump any party, and a robot-vocal adds more freakiness. New Game wastes no time in racing along on a warm groove that has more rich bass gurgles down low and another on point vocal up top adding plenty of attitude. Lastly, Guess Who is a more introspective and downbeat closer with deep cut drums and late night neon keys. All in all a fine EP. 


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