After her debut on Kevin Knapp’s Peaches record in 2019, and her two debut collab tracks with him on their imprint Plump last October, Hutchtastic arrives on Plump with her first solo EP, Juicy.

Plump Records exploded on to the dance music landscape last fall with Hutch’s vocals on Mug Shot catapulting the record into Beatport’s bass house top 10. While still somewhat new to the game, Hutch is no stranger to being a creative as she enters the music community with a history steeped in fine art training. Her visual art is described as often aggressive in both color and content aiming to challenge viewers with images that they may find uncomfortable, while simultaneously seducing them with sparkly surfaces and a playful aesthetic. Continuing this trajectory Hutch’s musical stylings mirror this approach with aggressive basslines contrasting with playful, sexually suggestive vocals.

Juicy is a chunky track with rock solid kicks. The bassline is bulbous and brings real weight to the tune. As the steamy vocals arrive next to some wigged out effect, the intensity and sexuality levels are raised, making this a sure fire winner in the club. ‘Wiggle Jiggle’ then gets you moving with freaky and playful vocals, ass-shaking drums and all encompassing bass.

Artist: Hutchtastic
Title: Juicy
Label: Plump Records
Release Date: 2021-04-16

Turn it up & enjoy!