Forget making a splash, fellow West Coaster and Focus head honcho Josh Billings has just created a tidal wave with his first major release out now on UDM Records. Marking the first release from the label as well, we are more than excited to see what else this Los Angeles imprint has to offer. 

Perspective ‘ comes out swinging, with a rumbling kick and a familiar yet hard to place chant rising from the background. Suddenly hip hop legend Nas comes into focus and it all makes sense. Or does it? Normally rap lyrics wouldn’t work in a house situation, but Billings crafts the tone perfectly. Selecting just the right lyrics to pepper into a mix of groaning bass tones, war crying synths, a healthy dose of nostalgia; and a tech house classic is born. Both Manik and Nonfiction have their way with a remix, adding their own unique flavor to the ingredients to make the release that much sweeter.


Artist:  MANIK (NYC)NonfictionJosh Billings
Title:  2015-10-05
Label:  UDM Records
Catalog No.:  UDM001

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