Mr. Nice Guy Records boss, Jesse Perez has linked up with Bpitch Control and released a new four track EP, “Cell Phones”. Jesse Perez expresses his style with a unique blend of Booty Bass fused with old school Miami Bass. The perfect combination of some beats for anyone’s booty shaking needs.

Highlighting a couple of our favorites, first up we have “Cell Phones”. It is the perfect example of the old school percussions and breakbeats that Jesse is known for. With an addition of lyrics from Egyptian Lover, the two beautifully spread a clear message of staying true to the moment, true to the movement, and keeping the cellphones off the dance floor. “Double is Good, Triple is Better”, uses funky Double Dutch Bus sample, taking us back on a little reflection on the foundation of old school vibes. This whole EP is a real booty free-er, you’ll want to add it to your playlist!



Ana Martinez
Contributing Editor