[Release] After building up hype through free downloads and a well-received bootleg, Irish duo Jack Fell Down officially came onto the scene earlier this year with their debut EP, Anyway, on Southern Fried Records. Now the production team returns to the label for their newest release, Either Way.

The record kicks off with old-school flavored track, “King of Clubs.” A quick jack beat moves the song forward while mellow synths swing back and forth to smoothen out the the track. Skittering vocal samples and aural drops sprinkled over the production give the song a playful feel perfect for a build-up to peak hours.

The EP continues with “Ease Into Me,” a slower track, and with vocals from Emma Rossi, a much more sultry one as well. A bouncing bass line provides the backbone for the song while Rossi’s lyrics and voice give it a late night feel. Keeping with the same vibe, Either Way follows with second to last track, “Roll Over.”

Emma Rossi returns for final cut, “Need In You.” A little more aggressive sounding than her earlier appearance on the record, Rossi’s contribution is once again the highlight of the track. Calm percussions and warm, wavering synths assist the singer and make for a wonderful after-hours track.

With two superb releases under their belt, Jack Fell Down and their distinct mix of old and nu school sounds are one of the many new faces on the scene which you should keep an ear open for.




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