[Release] Deep, percussion laced, dance heavy, emotive music … this.is.BAUNZ. Ever since his The Same Thing EP, I have been in love … and this latest EP ‘Shared Dreams’ out on Moda Black, the London based young but quality label, is the fuel to keep that love burning. Powered by underlying conga drums, rising synths, captivating vocals, and deep basselines, the first two tracks off the EP, ‘Talk To Me’ and ‘Shared Dreams’, have me hooked. ‘Always the Same’ takes it a lil harder with that twangy bassline, faster kick-drum, and foot-stomping rattle. ‘The Competitor’ rounds the EP out nicely, hooking you with jazzy piano riffs, swaying synths, soulful vocal clips, and a toe tapping percussion. Overall, it is a beautiful blend of what we are coming to know as Baunz’s unique and soulful sound.


Baunz is continuing to surprise and impress, a simply sublime release. He is definitely one to watch!



Artist: Baunz
Title: Shared Dreams
Label: Moda Black
Release Date: October 15
Catalog: MB007




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