Hailing from Viareggio, Massimo Conte is an accomplished producer and DJ who has held several key residencies over the last 15 years in top clubs around Italy. He often plays long so he can dig deep into his collection, which covers many shades of house and tech and everything in between. We sat down with Massimo to discuss his latest release, his production process and more.

Hey Massimo! Thanks for chatting to us today. How’s your year been so far?

Hi Guys! I am very happy with the year that has passed so far, I have worked well, achieving the objectives I had set at the beginning of the year.

Your latest track ‘Can You See’ is out now on Junior Jack’s Adesso Music, what can you tell us about the release?

“Can You See” was a targeted track for Adesso Music which acted as a follow-up to my first single on Junior Jack’s label, the release has brought me a lot of satisfaction, with excellent feedback received from other DJ’s and radio stations.

What does your production process usually involve when creating a track? Are you influenced by any particular styles?

I usually start by creating a groove that satisfies my ears, once this is done, I match it with the right bass line so that the track always has the right feel for the dance floor, the effects complement the whole context and I often try to find or record vocals that have an impact on the track! I let myself be influenced by genres that vary between house music and tech house, these are the styles I love to work with!

Is there anyone in particular who’s been a real inspiration to your work?

As mentioned before, I am a lover of house music and tech house, I have always admired Erick Morillo and his world-class productions, in particular, “Live Your Life” gave me the inspiration to work on my own productions by mixing keyboards and voices in order to to create tracks like “Can You See”.

What’s the most memorable set you’ve played and why?

I have performed several sets over the years and have experienced several memorable ones, but if I really have to name one, I have to mention a giant like Glenn Underground! I had the pleasure of sharing the console with him a few years ago, and it really made me very happy.

Can you name us a track from this year you’ve had on repeat?

Among the many, certainly in my sets, there has never been a lack of a record produced by Junior Jack, namely David Penn’s remix of “Stupidisco”.

As an Italian DJ, what sets your local scene apart from the rest of the world?

Surely like my other Italian peers, we love a warm sound in both cases, whether it is aimed at an Italian audience or abroad, I always try to express myself completely, this allows me to characterize my sound and express in my own way what I want to convey to the audience in front of me!

Do you have anything lined up for 2024 that you can tell us about?

2024 will be a very important year for me, as said at the beginning, I am putting brick by brick many important points in my career, and there will certainly be no shortage of other follow-ups with the large family of Adesso Music, but the primary objective is to aim as much as possible for live performances, which I plan to bring to an international level!

Massimo Conte ‘Can You See’ is out on Adesso Music now! BUY HERE 

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