Liverpool up-and-comers Kyle Starkey and Inafekt have an extensive catalogue of appearances on labels such as Circus, Nervous, and Seven Dials between them, and now the pair join forces for the first time, crafting the high-octane smash ‘Ultimate Rave’ for Patrick Topping’s Trick label. We catch up with the pair to hear more about this heater and get an insight into the inspirations towards it.

Hey Kyle and Inafekt, welcome to Music is 4 Lovers! How are things with both of you?

Thanks for having us! Things are going great on our end at the moment.

You both hail from Liverpool. What can you tell us about the scene there and how it’s shaped your sound?

It’s good and getting better. We feel like we may resonate more with Liverpool’s nightlife 25 years ago than we do now, from Garlands to Voodoo, so we’re trying to bring some of that proper energy back into our music.

Congrats on your latest single, ‘Ultimate Rave’ on Trick! How did you guys first meet and decide to collab together?

We met in 2019 in a club called 24 Kitchen Street. Kyle recognized my mate Jack as his alias Blueprint, and I asked if he knew who I was, and he didn’t have a clue. We ended up just talking about music all night long, and things kicked off from there. We’ve worked on many things together, but this tune was the first one we were both happy with!

What was the inspiration behind the track and your process in the studio?

We were on Xbox, actually, and Kyle made the melody and played it down the mic. When he finished his version, he didn’t like it and was going to scrap it. I just said give it to me to work on because I heard the potential. He sent me the stems straight away, and then I finished it that night pretty much!

Kyle, what would be your advice to any up-and-coming DJs looking to make their break?

Stay true to yourself, and never follow anybody. Always make music that you want to hear yourself in the clubs, and keep going no matter what happens. You’ve just got to keep striving; otherwise, it’ll never happen.

Inafekt, you have quite the catalogue of events you’ve played at. Which has been your favourite? And why?

There have been quite a few now! I think my favourite so far would have to be the Depot in Warehouse Project. It’s just insane how big that room is, and it doesn’t feel too disconnected like other big venues or warehouses. I also loved playing at Index Dublin; that was much more intimate, and I’d love to go back.

Thanks for joining us today! Lastly, do you two have any plans to work with each other again in the future?

We do! I’ve got a remix coming for one of Kyle’s tracks for his EP on Jennifer Cardini’s label, Correspondant, and we have a really big summer tune together that we can’t say too much about, but it’s called “What 2 Do,” and you’re gonna love it!

Kyle Starkey & Inafekt ‘Ultimate Rave’ is out now on Trick! BUY HERE

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