Heist welcomes rising star of the French House scene Marina Trench to the roster with a stunning release full of classic house cues across four warm & deeply grooving house cuts. With only a handful of releases on DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted (2019) and Wolf Music (2020), the young Parisian producer is only just getting started.  And as far as starts go, this release on Heist will definitely open some eyes & ears across the house scene. With her elegant and soulful sound both firmly rooted in classic deep house as it is contemporary, Marina showcases a mature sound that’s rarely seen with emerging producers. With a smart choice of samples, beautiful original vocals and smooth pads, Marina layers her tracks effortlessly into warm compositions that work just as well in your living room as in any sweaty club.

Interview With Marina Trench

Thank you for talking to us Marina. Can you tell us where you from? Where you grow up? Where are you based now?

Hey! I was born and raised next to Paris. I spent a couple of years in Bordeaux for my studies and now I’m based next to Paris, in Saint-Denis.

Have you managed to keep positive and motivated this last year? 

Yes, thanks to the music!I’ve produced a lot in my studio at home with my cat around. I’ve been missing parties in clubs and loud sound systems. They always have been a big source of energy and inspiration. I love to connect with new people and meet creatives in general. I’ve been cooking a bit and try to meditate as much as I can. 

What was the music scene like where you live, pre Covid? 

Flourishing! Paris has always been a very lively city at night. We have many clubs with a large choice of different parties and music. From concerts in small spots to big festivals. People like to go out and party, speak loudly and gather!

Would you say you are a club person? If you were not DJing, would we find you in clubs? 

Oh yes, I am! Pre covid, I used to go to clubs and concerts when I had the possibility and was not travelling. You could find me on the dance floor shaking my head:)

Your sound seems rooted in classic house with a contemporary feel. When were you first introduced to house? Who were the DJ’s you were listening to at that time?

Probably from my mother first. At home, I had an exceptionally large musical education from classical to jazz, house, and disco. Also, as a teenager I was listening to DJ sets on the radio. I’ve always loved dancing and I was fascinated by the history of house music. Then, I developed my own personal taste listening to music from Kerri Chandler, DJ Deep, MAW, Tony Humphries, Norma Jean Bell, St-Germain, and many more in the classic house music field!

When did you start producing and DJing? What lead you there? 

I started Djing around 2014. Been practicing and getting records before. I was mostly making warm-ups. An excellent experience to create atmosphere and understand the crowd. Later, producing music came quite naturally but it’s a long process too! The idea to have my own home studio to produce music was a new challenge to express myself in a different way. Producing music, getting my own sound, upgrading gear took some time and still does take time.

What is your favourite place you’ve played in around the globe? 

I had so much funny times in cities of Europe, can’t really chose. Had many good vibes in Valencia or Florence just before we stop playing. Also, always good fun when playing in Paris at Rex Club or Badaboum.

I have still a lot to discover.

You have released on DJ Deeps Deeply Rooted. What was it like to work with such a legend? 

Dj Deep has always been a big influence in house music. I’m super happy to have had the opportunity to release my first EP with him. My first 2 EPs have been released on Deeply Rooted in 2019 and it was a great experience. I had amazing remixes from Kerri Chandler, Hugo LX and Fang (Dj Deep + Romain Poncet). I also worked with Sabrina Bellaouel for vocals on “Signature EP Part I ” and she is again on the new EP on Heist 🙂

How does it feel being a woman in a sea of male producers?

Times are changing and more women are producing and playing. Hopefully, good changes will come in the near future. It has started but it needs a bit more energy behind it 🙂

What do you observe about the music industry towards women? If you had the power to change one thing, what would it be?

Progress is in the making, we can see that media, promoters & bookers in general are giving attention to women. Also, some recent talks have pointed out some examples of abuse which has made some moves in the music industry. Safe places are being created. Difficult to say what I wish to change as they are so many Haha! I wish people would stop talking about quotas and make things more natural and inclusive.

What advice would you give to young female DJs and producers coming up? 

Live your passion with all the fun you can 🙂 Don’t compare yourself to others and be true to yourself!

How does it feel to hook up with Heist? Have you been a follower of the label?

Yes, I’ve always been such a big fan of Heist! Have a few records from the label. Lars and Maarten (Dam Swindle) have been managing super well the label and our collaboration has been super smooth with a shared passion for the music.

Can you talk me through the ‘Over There’ EP briefly?

It’s an EP of 4 original tracks that I’ve produced in 2020. It’s home-made style. I played my own bass lines or chords. I also used samples and I have two collaborators on it. Christian Altehülshorst for the trumpet on ‘Carry On’ and the magic vocals from Sabrina Bellaouel on ‘Wake Up’. I also used my own voice on ‘Over There’. Always a great experience when I can explore new ways of working in studio!

Do you have a particular production process that you follow when you start something new or is it different every time? 

It really depends on the moment. I do several in & out in my creative process. Sometimes, I’ve a whole track based on a specific element and when I have the main structure, I can change this main element and then create a completely a new arrangement and vice versa. Happens a lot haha!

What should we look out for in 2021 for Marina Trench?

After the EP on Heist, a new collaborative project will be available digitally this Summer. I have a lot of amazing remixes for it, one from THE queen of House Music 🙂 Can’t wait for this project to be out. I’m starting a 2hour show as a resident on WWFM in May. This is super exciting. I’ve also a couple of projects going on in the studio for the rest of the year. Keeping it busy!

As we begin to come out of the tunnel, what are you looking forward to the most?

Playing music all night long and sharing good vibes with everyone!

-Marina Trench

Turn it up & enjoy!