DJ and producer Luke Welsh has been a staple name in the UK House & Techno scene for a number of years. Having made a name for himself via the revered Sankeys and Warehouse Project brands, Luke has established a commendable reputation for an artist in the early stages of his career. His latest release ‘Modo Papi’ sees him return to his own imprint, Libero, and includes 3 tracks with his recognisable signature sound. We recently had the chance to catch up with him about all things music and more!

Hi Luke, thanks for taking the time to join us. It’s been awesome to see your own DJ career and Libero go from strength to strength. What’s one of the biggest factors that keeps you motivated to reach your goals?

Setting and refreshing my goals is a big part of what keeps me motivated. I really appreciate the kind words. Recognition for your own successes and failures allows you to reflect on your goals and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. I know what I want to achieve and I know what I need to do to get there, it’s just about applying it every day.

You’ve had success from both DJing & producing. What’s your favourite aspect of what you do musically and why?

Producing is a huge passion of mine. I love creating music, even if it’s a DJ tool for myself to play with in the studio, the feeling of getting a mastered track back is up there with the best. Without doubt DJing live gives you the best feeling, the build up, the adrenaline, nothing really comes close and playing to a crowd is something i want to do for the rest of my life. Organising events is all i have known in my adult life, i cut my teeth at the biggest institutions in the UK market (Sankeys/The Warehouse Project/Parklife) and I broke records while working with these guys so I’m blessed to have had the education of events from the WHP family.

Tell us a little bit about the journey over the last year or so? How have you grown and what were the biggest turning points that pushed your career forward?

I don’t think it’s a secret that my career really took a turn at BPM 2019. Playing B2B with Mike Morrisey at BPM for Kaluki on the main stage, sunset set, nothing has been the same since. Since then we’ve played some worldwide gigs and achieved multiple #1 releases as artists and with my label Libero Records. 

Your next release drops on your own imprint Libero Records, what made you choose to release this on your own label?

Libero records is my pride and joy. Between myself, Mike Morrisey and Dan Costello we’ve built a label which is globally recognised and we’re flying the Music On/Carola flag hard in the UK.  We’ve done it all from our bedrooms in North Manchester and we’re taking the Libero brand international. If Covid didn’t strike, we’d have taken it up a few levels. 

You had some awesome gigs over the last few years, what’s been your favourite moment of your career so far?

For my age, I’ve held some really cool residencies. The Warehouse Project 2016-2020 / Sankeys 2014-16. But individual gig highlights are probably playing the Amnesia Terrace twice in 2018. Glastonbury is also an elite gig to have on your CV, i’ve played there a few times. Hideout in Croatia and Nghtwrk Open Air in Chester. Many many to choose from.

The scene is going through a really difficult stage in its life cycle at present. What are you doing to stay mentally upbeat and positive in your day to day?

Being grateful every day for the things I do have. Pre Covid, I was living a ridiculous lifestyle of intensity towards my career with back to back shows and deadlines. Now I work at my pace and I get everything done whilst making sure my home life is in check and I spend time with my parents. 

Outside of music, what do you like to do to relax?

I love to train. Boxing & football are two sports i’ve grown up around and I love watching the both of them live as well as training them. Shout out my coach Josh Fleury and Bridgewater!

If you could pick any artist, any genre, past or present to collaborate with; who would it be and why?

Easy, Liam Gallagher. I don’t know how it would sound but I would be happy spending a day with Manchester’s biggest icon.

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring artists right now?

Study the industry you’re going into. Whether you’re a producer, DJ or promoter, I would only surround myself with people who can teach you and only have the best interests of you in mind. 

Work hard. Every day.

Lastly, anything else you are excited to share with us?

Our winter Libero UK events calendar is looking 10/10 and we can’t wait to get back into the UK and EU clubs ASAP.

Luke Welsh – ‘Modo Papi’ EP is out now on Libero Records.

Turn it up & enjoy!

– Charlie