From topping the charts to touring, to running his own label, Gustaff is a name that has been showing up a lot as of late. We caught up with the talented individual to give us the run down on his latest release for Black Seven Music.

Hi Gustaff, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We’ve been keeping a close eye on you lately, and it’s been great to see how far you’ve come over the last 12 months, What’s the motivation that keeps you driving forward?

Hello! It is a pleasure for me to do this interview. Honestly, the last year has been a brutal change in my career, and I think it has only just begun, for me it’s been very crazy. I cannot describe 100% what I feel when I receive so many messages from people from all over the world appreciating my music, it’s incredible. 

Right now my motivation is to improve myself at every moment. I demand a lot of myself on a day-to-day basis, to never slow down the pace and very important to me, to never stop learning new things.

Another of my motivations is to see my favorite artists playing my music, along with seeing how proud my family and friends are for what I am achieving, especially when my degree that I’ve just finished has nothing to do with music.


You’ve had success from both DJing & producing. What’s your favourite aspect of what you do musically and why?

I think every aspect has its moments. For example, whenever I’m not feeling 100%, I love to make music, because it’s like throwing up feelings and translating them into music, and it makes me feel better again. 

But the feelings you have in the DJ booth with a Sold Out dance floor is like… a feedback of energy from the crowd. With this kind of  sensation or you either live it, or you don’t understand it. For me it’s a very intimate and intense moment, and when you finish the set, you can see the gratitude in the faces of the crowd for that connection and flow of energy.


Tell us a little bit about the journey over the last year or so? How have you grown and what were the biggest turning points that pushed your career forward? 

As I said before, this year has been crazy. While Spain was in lockdown, I was on tour in South America & the United States.

For me the turning point has really been as a DJ, being able to go to another continent for my music. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the life I’m living, and all the people I’m meeting. 

Another turning point has been to become part of NoZzo bookings, since for me, its owner’s Tomi & Kesh are like family. I love the relationship I have with them and I have shared very important moments of my personal life with them and they have always been supporting me, just like Pedro Vasconcelos, another member of the agency who is like a brother to me.

So, this year I not only stand out on a musical level, for me, the connection I have with the people I have met through music is more important. On a personal level it has been a hard year with the pandemic, I have lost people who were close to me, so music really saved my life in a lot of ways.


Your next release just dropped on Black Seven, what made you choose this label?

For me, it’s the relationship I have with the label owners, BRODYR. I feel they’re two brothers who really look out for their artists and want the best for them. They both transmit good vibes and the way they work seems incredible to me. The label is growing so fast and they fully deserve it.

I think that from the “next generation” of labels, Black Seven, together with NozZo, Unnamed & Unknown and my own label Kubbo, are the labels that will be at the top of the game in the next few years. I think we are defining a musical genre that differentiates us from the rest, with a very percussive and happy sound, with lots of groove.


You have Alessandro Diruggiero on remix duties for this release, did you have any input on who remixed, and are you happy with the results? 

Yes! I’m so happy with the remix! Alessandro and I have an incredible relationship. We talk a lot about all sorts of things, as you can imagine. He’s not only a music partner for me, but also a friend.

It’s crazy for me because when i started to play years ago, i loved the music from Alessandro since i heard it for the first time, and look now, we are good friends through music.

I asked him to make the remix, normally I like to decide who is gonna remix me. I’m really pleased with the outcome. 


You’ve had some awesome gigs lately, what’s been your favourite moment of your career so far?

I think my first gig in Moderna Club, Colombia, with the Grood Taste guys. It was an incredible entry to the dj booth and see the club full, with that much good vibes with the promoters and people. It was like playing in heaven!

Another gig I loved was in my city, Salamanca. It was incredible to play here after 2 years with all familiar faces and a Sold Out party. I Can’t describe what I felt at that party. I almost burst into tears after my closing. Keep an eye on BeFriday by Carlos Chaparro, I think this party is gonna grow up for sure.

And last but not least, the crazy party I had in Houston, Tx. I was surrounded with all the Vibrations crew in the DJ booth and it was a laugh! Bauhaus is a club I’ve always had a lot of respect for, so to play there was crazy!


The scene has been through a really difficult stage in its life cycle recently. What are you doing to stay mentally upbeat and positive in your day to day?

I’m a naturally positive person. Like everyone, Ii had low moments due to the situation; lots of gigs getting cancelled, lots of money lost! But I have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to improve in all areas, and once it is completely over, I’ll be at a higher level than before. 

I think we have all had the opportunity to have more time for ourselves and that is very important to improve as a person and as artists.


Outside of music, what do you like to do to relax?

I love to take a walk with my family in the mountains of my village. I love nature.

But the things I need in my day to day life are meditation, as It helps me a lot to reduce the levels of anxiety, and with this lifestyle it’s so important to take care of your mental health, and to read some books and of course watch some movies.


If you could pick any artist, any genre, past or present to collaborate with; who would it be and why?

I love working with Tomi & Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero & Pedro Vasconcelos. We’ve got some music coming and I think it’s gonna make some tongues wag. 

But if i could pick anyone, I think Iglesias, Max Chapman, Cuartero, Wheats or Fer Br. I love their work. Fer Br and Max aren’t 100% my style, but I would love to see what we could do as a collaboration.


What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring artists right now?

I would love to have received this piece of advice: Be patient, and work everyday to improve your skills & to find your own sound. Don’t copy others. It’s sad to see how new artists are making “new tracks” i have seen two or three years ago. They copy the structure, make a similar bass and the same groove and vocals. It’s a real shame.


Lastly, anything else you are excited to share with us?

Keep an eye on my label Kubbo. We are constantly working on it. We’ve got some good releases coming but I can’t share the artists yet hahaha. We are working on showcases too, not only in Spain, but in other countries too. I can’t say too much yet. 

And for sure, I have to thank my father for the values ​​and teachings he has given me. He is my idol. And to my sister and my mother, for supporting me so much in all my decisions and keeping my feet on the ground, and of course to my close-friends who are present at all times, they make my life much easier.

Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure! G.


You can check out Gustaff – Music On 4 Life EP by clicking the link below!

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