The Get Physical label has spent much of its recent time partnering with local DJs and party crews around the world to showcase various widespread music scenes. Now the label call upon Havana-based electronic duo PAUZA as they curate their ‘Cuba, Get Physical!’ series to highlight some of the local Cuban talent, including Okanan, Kike Wolf and Joan Coffigny.

Hey Zahira and Paula, welcome to Music is 4 Lovers! Where are you chatting to us from today?

Hi, we are in Cuba now 🙂

Tell us a bit about your musical background and how you came together to form PAUZA.

We were in the first and only workshop for women DJs held in Cuba. There we began to give our first mixing and production classes. At the time we had not yet joined to form PAUZA, but over a couple of months after discovering our similar tastes in terms of genres and artists, we decided to create PAUZA, which is the union of our names PAU and ZAHI.

What is the electronic music scene like in Cuba?

Electronic music in Cuba has grown more and more over the last 40 years. With every year that passes, we see new faces at events, new DJs, and new producers. Music on the island is at a very beautiful stage at the moment.

You have a new track coming out on the new ‘Cuba, Get Physical!’ VA. What was your inspiration during the writing process?

Caliente was going to be different sound-wise than it is now, but we felt something was missing, so we sent a different version to Get Physical, and it was definitely the final one. The creative process was very dynamic; we did the entire production without thinking about who would do the vocals (because all our songs have vocals). Then we talked to Arema and had a video call telling her a little, but without saying any particular mood. We wanted her to write what she felt from the music, and that’s how it happened.

The new release sees you return to Get Physical Music. What is your relationship with the label and why is it a good platform for your music?

Besides the label, business and work stuff, they are friends. The last time we were in Berlin we met and definitely clicked personally. It’s nice when you meet people who trust you from the first moment of your career. We launched Besame Mucho back then ALMOST 3 YEARS ago and now Caliente and CUBA Get Physical! It is a great platform for all the DJs in its catalog and is recognized worldwide, we feel proud and it is a great step in our career.

You are heralded as the first female DJ duo from Cuba which is an amazing achievement! Do you feel that you have seen more female Cuban DJ’s taking the spotlight recently?

We are proud of that and also that there are new DJs in the Cuban scene who, with focus and dedication, could go very far. It’s all about being consistent.

As a duo you seem to be very active in the studio, with frequent releases coming out almost every month. What does your creative process look like and how do you work creatively as a pair?

We try to sit in the studio practically every day. Obviously, sometimes good things come out and many times bad, but it’s about continuing to discover the sounds out there in the universe. Cuba has a lot of music to offer and we still have so much to hear from our past. We listen to music, discover genres and instruments that we didn’t know, investigate who plays them – the process is very fun. The last step after the investigation is to make everything that we have in our heads come true, and Zahi and I have a lot of chemistry, we understand each other perfectly.

What upcoming music can we expect from PAUZA?

This year comes a lot of music. We promise you at least one monthly track, get ready!!

Are there any Cuban talents out there we should be looking out for?

Without a doubt those that we show in the Cuba Get Physical compilation, stay tuned for their releases too 🙂

Various Artists ‘Cuba, Get Physical!’ is out 25th November on Get Physical Music 

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