Terminal M Records deals only in serious techno and that’s exactly what Ilija Djokovic serves up on two new tracks. Completing a top package is a remix from Oliver Giacomotto.

Opener Serpent wastes no time in making an impact. It has spiralling synths that send you in on yourself and flat, driving kicks bringing the groove. Its trippy and hypnotic and industrial percussion adds real texture. Pandora is just as forceful, with heavy kicks and jittery hi hats that keep you on your toes. Filters and bass kills tweak things to bring nuance to another wise monstrous cut. The remix from Oliver Giacomotto is an edgy one with subtle synths that bring the drama up top as the rock solid kicks power along below. It’s serious techno for serious heads. 

Pandora’s Box is out now! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/pandoras-box/2231684