[New Release] Hot Waves, Hot Creations’s sister label, has been making waves for a few years now.  Their modern and trendy deep-house funk has been a staple at parties and festivals around the globe and they never disappoint in the dark, sexy vibe department. This compilation is no exception to that running record, as the label amalgamates their staple, veteran artists and new up-and-comers to create a striking compilation that will surely pump through many sound systems in the near future.

Stand out tracks include Frenchman Julien Sandre’s collaboration with Dast called “Wanna Be,” Mark Jenkyns “Moola,” and Lee Foss’s “Life On Mars.”  “Wanna Be” has an addictive groove, its high-energy hi hats, and conversational vocal sample will work anywhere as it is impossible to stand or sit still for its duration. “Moola” is spacey.  It sings. It leaves you desserted within your own mind, making it a perfect late night gem. Lee Foss’s creations is quintessentially his own — a little creepy, a lot dark, and perfectly funkily melodic.

Particularly outstanding is Dirty Channel’s “So Special.”  The arrangement and percussion programming on the track is fresh and rhetorically danceable — no question about it, you’ll be on your feet.

Granted, despite these few standouts and an overall good collection of tracks, the release is limited in the innovations department.  With such talented artists and, generally, a continuously fresh and spunky sound, I’m looking forward to see if winter sees more inspiration and creativity on Hot Waves 4, which is due out in November.