[Release] Ever since Edit Murphy’s heart-filling, soul-lifting, purely blissful ‘Mercy‘ came into my life a few months ago, he has held a truly special place in my heart. It is one of those tracks that every single time I hear it …  a smile so big stretches from ear to ear, a sparkle of sweet bliss lights up in my eye, and my heart overflows with euphoria. He manages to master that delicate blend between my two favorite of deep and disco so divinely.  His newest release on Smoke N’ Mirrors is testament to his talent and strives to extract in me the same ecstasy … and baby, it’s pretty damn close! It’s hard for almost any track to surpass ‘Mercy’ for me, most notably because of my allegiance to golden oldies and the Marvin Gaye samplings on that track just make it so hard to beat … but man, am I seriously vibin, groovin, and LOVIN deep down to my core this new EP featuring deeper dance floor makeovers by Fantastic Man and Savile. In addition to the blissful ‘Brooklyn Nights’, the EP features another Edit Murphy Original ‘Beverly Thrills’. Encompassing that perfect heart filling smile inducing booty bouncing nu disco groove, this EP is a golden oldie in itself.




Artist: Edit Murphy
Label: Smoke N’ Mirrors
Release Date: September 25
Catalog: SNM028



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