This week’s Hometown Heroes take us deep in Middle America — Omaha, Nebraska. In a city more popularly known for indie rock, Panos & Sentenza have been holding down the deep and sexy in Omaha for years now.

Not only does this dulcet duo play all the best dance parties in town, Panos & Sentenza are marvels of music production as well — spreading their wings beyond the scope of the midwest and the shores of the U.S. Their latest release, French 75 EP, out now on Andre Crom’s famed label OFF Recordings, is a smart melodic fun fest of sounds and vocals that will surely get the crowd’s feet moving… and fast! Panos & Sentenza also have jams out on Soweso and Mr. Nice Guy, and have collaborated with a number previous Hometown Heroes on Mi4L; such as Shea Delany in Denver, DIRTYCLEAN in São Paulo, and Roberto Apodaca in El Paso.

Enjoy this Hometown Heroes mix and see what the two have to say about being starving artists in Middle America.

If you don’t see the mix CLICK HERE.

Interview with Panos & Sentenza:

How and when did you two first meet? How did you two get involved with dance music?

Our bromance began 10 years ago. It was electric and a day we will never forget. We got involved with dance music by going out to raves and getting free back rubs. We liked the fact that people were friendly, we thought we should become DJs to milk it.  We wish.  Here in the middle of the corn, there’s not much for raves these days! It actually all started because of a girl…

What’s it like playing electronic music in Omaha — a town more well known for indie rock like Saddle Creek? 

The indie scene is huge. We go to rock shows to get inspiration and play out at our favorite place Bar 415. We are also lucky to have great friends from all over that support our dreams.  There are a lot of great people here, which have led us here, and will keep us here.  And people are what makes a place bearable.  (Also being centrally located helps, and cheap). For studio time, you can’t beat the lack of distractions.

Can you tell us a little about the music you produce, your remixes, and any new music you have on the way? 

We have an EP coming out on Pet Project Recordings with two new vocal tracks with our good friend J.Expo. We are also working on a upcoming Soweso EP.

What are some of your favorite producers/labels right now?

“A DJ’s weapon of choice that should not be disclosed.”  Of course, there’s always Shazam.  In reality, we don’t focus on too many labels / producers specifically, we dig more for an interesting sound or vibe, regardless of who they are.  We’ve stumbled on some pretty outstanding unknowns along the way. The stranger, the better.

What is some advice that you would give to up-and-coming DJs and producers, especially those who work in duos?

Be honest with yourself and don’t follow anyone’s lead. Create your own path. For the duos, travel well together or break up. The key to all of this is enjoying the studio, and the travel, and each others company, because there’s really no huge financial angle.  It’s music, if you’re not dancing to what you share, you’re doing it wrong.

What does 2015 have in store for you?

We are playing locally for New Year’s Eve at our favorite local club.

After that we are heading to New York for a show with our really good friends from Sheik N Beik.

Tell us a little about your mix.

Of course, we hope some babies are made, or tea, while listening to this, and we hope it’s interesting.

Drink(s) of choice…

We had quite a few Last Words while recording this mix and writing these answers.