Heroic live act, producer, label owner & DJ, Gri Mov, hails from México’s quaint Riviera Maya beach town, Playa del Carmen–home of The BPM Festival.

Gri Mov spends his days dialing in his live performance; producing tracks for his home label 1101 Records, which he runs alongside Omar Tapia and Johnny Leal; and holding down residencies at La Mezcallina and Lido Beach Club in Playa.

Gri Mov is a staple in the scene in PDC and we’re excited to watch him grow. Check out his mix recorded live specially for MI4L and learn more about Gri Mov in the interview below.

Hometown Heroes: Gri Mov from Playa del Carmen

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Interview with Gri Mov

How did you get into dance music and DJing? Do you remember a specific moment of inspiration or was it an evolution?
I used to play in alternative rock bands, but for some reason didn’t work out, so I bagan to make the music my own way on the computer, the result was an electronic music project which i uploaded as a hobby on a myspace page. At that time, my neighbors and me, used to made parties at the flat,  and bought the first dj mixer because my old cd players broke. On  that parties I played music as Soulwax, Kelley Pollar, Les Georges Leningrad, so little by little I discovered a whole new world which took me to dance music and this new amazing theraphy which is Djing. Then I moved to Playa del Carmen and listened Justin Martin djing, and that was the moment.

Where does the name Gri Mov come from?
It was something unplanned. I used to have this myspace page, and from time to time used to change the name a little bit. People at that time called me Gri, so once I changed the profile name to “Gri Movement”, “Gri Move Music” and then “Gri Mov”. Suddenly a book called “Sonidos Urbanos” took my music project on its pages, with the “Gri Mov” name on it, so I thought “ok, I will keep this”.

What’s the scene like in Playa del Carmen? What parties, clubs and restaurants would we want to check out?
Nowadays I think is really great. There are really nice projects emerging from here, such as radio shows (Kraken House), labels (1101 records), parties and even there’s a new vinyl store (Spinny Grooves). The music we heard the most is house and funk at restaurants and clubs. Parties I recommend: full moon parties at Cannibal Royal and Thursdays specials at Blue Parrot. Clubs and restaurants: La Santanera, La Mezcalinna, Diablito Cha Cha Cha, Lido Beach Club, Magenta (Cozumel island) and Don Mezcal.

Do you have any residencies?
Yes, at La Mezcalinna, Lido beach club, and from time to time at Santanera.

Which do you prefer – 115 or 125 BPM?
120 bpm

What gig do you dream about?
One as energetic as Mathew Jonson boiler room with masks.

What cool things do you have planned for 2016?
Realeasing pending EPs such as: “Distroyer”, “Maria in the sky with mushrooms”,  “Groundcontrol”, the Live Act LP and also a meditation EP featuring an amazing Guru. And also launch more music in our label 1101 Records.

Tell us about your mix…
This mix is a hand made special live for MI4L. I usually play it faster (123 bpm), so I prepared something on 119 bpm, with new added sounds and more groove to keep the flow I like about MI4L. Hope you enjoy it.

Drink of choice…
Good tequila or mezcal.


– jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor