We’re excited to add the first female DJ to our Hometown Heroes roster! Her name is Aninha and she hails from Curitiba — a vibrant city in south Brazil. Having over a decade of DJing experience under her belt, Aninha holds a residency at one of the biggest and baddest clubs in the world — Warung Beach Club. Ask any big time DJ who has played at Warung, which is pretty much every big time DJ on the planet, and you’ll see a trend in their responses — it’s bad ass! Aninha has warmed up the decks for Luciano, Loco Dice, Dixon, Ricardo Villalobos, Anja Schneider, and Martinez Brothers just to name a few; and she has been regarded as “the best DJ in Brazil,” according to Loco Dice. We’re lucky to have connected with such an amazing contributor to this world of music, and we feel privileged to publish an exclusive mix and interview from this incredible woman, controller of the dance floor, and Hero. Enjoy!

Interview with Aninha:

Where are you from and what are your musical upbringings?

I’m from southern Brazil (Blumenau – city of German colonization). I grew up listening to disco, synth pop, rock, MPB, post-punk.

Can you tell us how you got started in DJing and playing electronic music?

In early 2000, I would play for friends at private parties without really knowing what I was doing. A couple years later in 2002 a friend taught me how to DJ and so started my professional journey.

Can you tell us a little about the city you live in now and the scene there?

I’ve lived in Curitiba (also in south Brazil) for 9 years now and I love this city. Curitiba is super organized — full of parks for all to enjoy during the day, with many gastronomic and cultural options for food. The scene here is very strong and ancient — besides having the Vibe Club and the Tribaltech Festival (currently the best festival of Brazil), it is home to big producers like Fabo, HNQO, and Rolldabeetz, who represent electronic music in our country very well.

You are a resident DJ at Warung Beach Club — can you tell us a little about the club and what its like working with so many international artists?

Warung is magical. The architecture was inspired by Bali — the club is built completely of wood and surrounded by native forest on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The energy of the place is inexplicable. It is always a pleasure to welcome the artists we admire.

Who are some of your favorite producers right now?

XDB, Werner Niedermeier, Patrice Scott, Dario Zenker, Fred P and Redshape. Labels: Rush Hour, Soma, Correspondant, Echocord Colour, Pomelo, Ostgut Ton and Falkplatz.

What advice would you give people about becoming a good resident DJ?

Follow your heart, respect all artists, and love what you do.

Drink of Choice?


Can you tell us s little about this mix?

My mix was recorded live at D-Edge in São Paulo — in my natural state while reading the reactions on the dance floor.