For this series of Hometown Heroes we take it to the hot spot of the East Coast, Miami. We sat down with the notoriously dope resident DJ at the infamous Electric Pickle, Andrew Ward, to pick his brains on anything and everything party in Miami …


1 / Favorite party in Miami?

Electric Ladyland every Tuesday night at the Pickle and this past year’s Last Resort during WMC. I was bed ridden for 3 days after.

2 / Favorite club in Miami?

The home base, Electric Pickle.

3 / Favorite artist / sound / label right now?

To be honest I’m all over the place right now. I’ve been taking in such a ridiculous amount of up and coming producers lately, that my favorites literally switch by the week.

4 / The most fun you’ve ever had opening?

I had the opportunity to open up for Huxley not too long ago and we ended up going b2b together for the last 45min of his set.

5 / Who you would most like to open for?

TEED and Dixon are still on my list.

6 / Favorite track right now?

Bunte Bummler – The Hunger feat. Daniel Wilde (Siopis remix)

7 / Favorite setting for a party? Club, festival, desert, forest, beach, house?


8 / Pick your poison, favorite drink?

I’m a whiskey man.

9 / Favorite party you’ve ever attended anywhere?

When I was younger I rented my first house with some friends and we made areas all over the house, which we called “safe zones”, loaded with speakers and any type of musical gear we could get our hands on to make noise. We’d go all night and into the next afternoon until I had to go to work for a few hours, then come right back and do it all over again. Somewhere in there I learned the basics of DJing.

10 / Anything you want to let the people know … upcoming gigs?

12.7.13 Opening for Benoit & Sergio @ The Electric Pickle

12.14.13 Opening for Crazy P @ The Electric Pickle

1.3.14 Opening for Francesca Lombardo @ The Electric Pickle

1.4.14 Opening for Maxxi Soundsystem @ The Electric Pickle


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– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy