[New Release]  Diynamic is certainly a label defining their own unique sound.  No matter which artists they sign up, they always tend to get a marvelous, explicit sound that just screams “we are Diynamic!”  With their latest, 60th release, Neon, who  H.O.S.H. deliver and it is yet another awesome piece to add to their already stacked catalog.  On Neon, H.O.S.H. tends to get a little pop-inspired, creating a new sound that can be dubbed as “House Wave.”

‘No One’ is a positive, uplifting song with its  rolling bass and pleasant vibes.  H.O.S.H. teams up with Malonda on this one to bring us a sterling, new age pop track with a touch of disco.  ‘Woohoo’ is another intoxicating track with its catchy chorus, bright vocals, and thumping bass line —  a lovely collaboration with fellow Diynamic boys Ost & Kjex.  This release also features great dubs of both tracks.

Overall this is another stellar release from Diynamic.  H.O.S.H. displays his far-reaching talent and, while staying true to Diynamic’s style, he branches out into new musical territory.  As always, I eagerly await Diynamic’s next release and look forward to tracking their future directions.


Artist:  H.O.S.H.
Title:  Neon EP
Label:  Diynamic
Catalog No.: DIYNAMIC060

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