[New Release]  Hot Creations are once again molding dance music.  Riding a high from their Paradise party in Ibiza they bring us their first fall season single, Black Shoes White Socks, produced by Freaks.  With a plethora of talented artists such as Cajmere, Darius Syrossian, and wAFF supplying remixes, you know this is yet another great addition for the prolific label.

‘Black Shoes White Socks’ is a modern day classic.  With a spacey new age feel, intoxicating vocals, and sensual melody, this track is truly a seductress of sound. I foresee this jam being the soundtrack to many sunrises and sunsets.  Chicago house legend Cajmere delivers with a bass heavy house banger remix, sure to set the dance floors a blaze.  New comer wAFF adds a subliminally deep take on the original.  Darius Syrossian puts his own take on the original with his jumpy version that has the energy of a tech track.  If that wasn’t enough, they also toss a dub version into the mix.

Overall this is another great release for Hot Creations.  With a spot on piece from Freaks and a load of talent to back it with, expect this record to get a lot of attention.  Hot Creations are always up to something fresh and funky and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.


Artist:  Freaks
Title:  Black Shoes White Socks
Label:  Hot Creations
Catalog No.:  HOTCO24

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