The project curates avant-garde producers with a predilection for different cultural aspects

7 years ago Brazil saw the birth of a label that would become a reference in organic electronic music. Featuring several artists, including Downtempo, Electronica, Experimental and Organic House, and always fueled by many nomadic references, Tropical Twista Records has promoted more than 80 releases since then.

Palmer has been leading the label since its beginning — now alongside Tha_guts in the partners team. Palmer is a DJ and producer who deeply understands Latin America’s cultural vastness and the potential to discover talents who think outside the box, whether in the studio or in the DJ booth. Despite this fact, Tropical Twista has largely connected with the international scene, including releases by artists from Portugal, France, Scotland, Germany, among others.

With an unconventional approach, Tropical Twista goes beyond the traditional molds and boundaries of Organic House and Downtempo; their musical universe is able to show a prolific eclecticism, with the diversity of an artistic group such as Forró Red Light, Tha_guts, Ibu Selva, Kika Deeke, Palma Dulce, Urubu Marinka, Shigara and Xique-Xique, who were feature on the label’s latest b-day compilation.

As examples of Tropical Twista’s insightful research, there is the remix compilation for the group Embatucadores, which creates percussiveness from scrap metal and features tracks from the likes of Kurup, Chancha Via Circuito and Evehive. Algo, a single by Afterclapp in homage to the baião, a music and dance movement specific to Brazil’s Northeast region.

Through such enriching quality of Tropical Twista to solidly propose creative musical partnerships, curated by a unique respect for the countless possibilities of cultural fusion with dance music, this label becomes a refuge for curious minds and ethnic electronic music enthusiasts.

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