Turkish beat maker, and incredible DJ Gadi Mitrani created an early summer master piece this year with his “Out Of Time” single on Be Adult Music. A song constructed with a key message at its heart, that being, the effects of global warming, an issue that is having a serious effect on modern day society. His first time creating vocals for a track seems to of been welcomed with open arms, and the message has been heard loud and clear. The original package contains four versions featuring an instrumental, ambient vocal mix and ambient instrumental. Following on from this, a remix package was releases including Vincenzo (inc. instrumental), Death On The Balcony, and Alex Daniell. Here is what went down when we spoke with the Love and Above boss…

Welcome to Music is 4 Lovers Gadi! How has the start of 2021 been for you?

Thank you for having me 🙂 I can say it’s been more hopeful than last year.

Where are you currently based? How has the last year been there?
I am based in Istanbul. It was a very tough year of course, but I am very thankful that my family and loved ones are ok. So I can not complain.

We love the message you are spreading in your Out Of Time single, how important is it to you to use music to spread a message with a deeper meaning?
I would love to use music and spread messages with a deeper meaning 🙂

This was my first track in which I wrote  the lyrics. So if I can do more, why not.

Are there any other topics you would like to express your feelings about via the form of music? 
I don’t see myself as a good lyric writer, but with all the feedback coming for  “Out
Of Time” I surely will try to do more in the future, but don’t know what the story will be 🙂

Do you think more musicians should use their voice and followers to spread messages about topics such as global warming? And other vital topics?
Yes, music is a way of doing art, and any art can be used for spreading any messages.

Tell us a bit about the studio processes with the single and working with vocalists for the track?
I am the vocalist. 🙂 While I started to work on this track, it was finished without a vocal, and I started to mumble on a mic. 

Global warming is one of those issues that’s been bothering me for a long time. At that specific time, probably I watched a documentary or listened to a podcast or something and subconsciously ı started mumbling. It just came out and then I rewrote it as lyrics and finally went and recorded it.

I have a friend who is an amazing musician and a producer Umit Kuzer ; owner of  Virus Studios . He works with several Turkish artists and vocalists. I sent him the demo, and he told me that he loved the concept and was surprised by my voice, so we worked and recorded it.  I guess I’m lucky to have a talented and experienced friend like him:)

What else do you have planned for this year?
Obviously, Not too many live gigs at the moment due to the pandemic, so I am in the studio doing new music. I have new releases coming out from Wold, Do Not Sit, & and collaboration with Erdi Irmak from the Sound Garden. I am also working on new releases for my label Love and Above. We have unique upcoming releases. Also continue to record monthly Love and Above podcasts.

Can you choose one song you will definitely play when events are back to normal?
Guy Mantzur – My Wild Flower (original mix) L&F

Buy “Out Of Time” now: https://www.beatport.com/release/out-of-time/3353515

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