All Day I Dream has been a personal favorite from day one and has been spreading its musical rhythm and tone’s through it’s summer residencies in New York and Los Angeles the past few years as well as through the label which puts out music that encompasses that same dreamy vibe. With only the forth release, my love for ADID has most definitely been solidified, these tracks have been summer anthems at the parties this year, and with it we welcome the two new family members behind them to ADID.

Maher Daniel‘s presence is rising steadily and you’ll be hearing a lot more from their bright star. How he has time to A+R for the label and create beautiful melodic tracks of this caliber is beyond us but we’re glad he’s giving so much love to ADID. Gab Rhome appeared on our radar last year with his brilliant release on Supplement Facts and they knew, when they met, it would be a match made in heaven and not simply a fleeting affair. Both artists are dreamers, evident by their melodic sound on this release. Maher and Gab weave a timeless quality into ‘Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn’. Beautiful, mournful and musical, the track speaks for itself. Alone Gab created ‘Sometimes it goes one way’. Whimsical and airy with a longing feel to it’s vocal makes it the perfect pair to the title track.

Entrancing, melodic, luring and simply beautiful, these two tracks embody that enigmatic quality found in everything on All Day I Dream. As always, absolutely in love with anything and everything ADID. Definitely looking forward to more to come from Maher & Gab.



Artist: Gab Rhome, Maher Daniel
Title: Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn
Label: All Day I Dream
Release Date: October 17
Catalog No.: ADID004