Episode 121 of our Fresh Faces series comes to us from Marie Nyx!

LA-based techno producer Marie Nyx and her partner Maude Vôs launched Delusional Records earlier this year as a hub for all delusional individuals to thrive together, driven by the core values of experimentation, visibility and inclusivity. Delusional Records is working to revive the roots of dance music culture; when there were no rules, just honest expression. That honest expression rings true throughout Marie Nyx’s debut EP Elysium, which just dropped today via her co-owned imprint.
Across three transcendental techno cuts, Marie Nyx demonstrates her fluidity as an artist and her balance between darkness and light in search of elysium, defined as a place or condition of ideal happiness and bliss.
Elysium suitably switches between styles and tones, an intentional artistic choice that mimics Marie Nyx’s DJ sets. Nyx, who has performed for radio stations including Platinum Radio London and Ibiza Global Radio, wants to create that link between the headphones and the club. After nearly two years of dance floor deprivation, Marie Nyx now wants to recapture that elusive warehouse spirit. As a result, she energizes her listeners to get out there again, turning that delusion into a reality.

Fluo- Beatrice Dillon, Call Super
I Only Love You in the Summer- Marie Nyx, Mary Droppinz
Evil Side of Love- Maude Vôs feat. Radioactive Dyke
Up for Air- Marie Nyx
02 20 20- Xelli Island (Maude Vôs Remix)
Shareef- Radiation 30376
Against the Clock- Kana Hishaya
Köln (PH34R Remix)- Liebknecht
Carbonic Acid- Mike Ash
Bouncer- Bitrarex
Regular Customer- London Modular Alliance
Long Dark Tunnel (Light at the End Mix)- Tom Jarmey
Target Fixation- SIAK PHD
Musik is the Drug (Nuklear Prophet Remix)- Exzakt
60 Minute Bleep- Sound Synthesis
Miami String- Interviews
Timescape- Shadow Acid


Turn it up & enjoy! –DuBeats