[Forthcoming Release] French house-hero Anthony Collins and Francis Harris, of Adultnapper fame, come together for I Fall, their second release as duo Frank & Tony on their self named label Frank and Tony Records.

A two-track EP of down-tempo house music, I Fall is one of those records you can throw on while laying around in the sun or drifting off to sleep. Opening song “I Fall” starts off with raw sounding percussion but Frank & Tony are quick to clean it up by adding soft, melodic piano, light, airy synths, and beautiful, almost haunting vocals by Gry – an artist who had worked with Harris on his Leland album.

Slightly more uptempo, but still keeping in line with the Balearic melody from “I Fall,” the second track titled “Marigolds” is just as entrancing as the first. A funk-laden snare/high-hat/kick drum combo provide the backbone for the song while the reverbing synths and and warm male vocals – sung by Bob Moses – slowly build up and shine through.

Conjuring up images of Ibiza sunsets, warm beaches, and hot bodies, I Fall is an astounding summer time record and one that is sure to garner more and more attention as its release date approaches.


Artist Name: Frank & Tony
Title: I Fall
Record Label: Frank & Tony Records
Catalog Number: F&T002
Release Date: July 16