Italian DJ and Producer Matisa is set to be one of the standout artists of 2020 following her excellent ‘The Elsewhere’ EP (Biologic Records) winning praise from a wide variety of DJs. Having been described by Jackmaster as “the best ‘new’ DJ I’ve seen in a long time”,  Music Is 4 Lovers spoke with Matisa.

Hi Matisa, congratulations on ’The Elsewhere’ EP! What was the inspiration behind the EP?

Nice to meet you, thank you very much! This EP is the authentic expression of who I am. I managed exactly to represent what I had in mind. I was born in the ’90s and I love it: the philosophy, the colours, the clothing and the spirit of that era. Imagine all these elements together. Do you feel the same way?

How did Kim Ann Foxman come on board for the excellent remix of ‘I Need A Bit Of Poetry’? Did you know each other beforehand?

We didn’t know each other before. When I learned that she would remix my track, I started jumping with joy like a child! She has always been my icon; I have to admit it! And it was an honour to work with her, she’s a splendid person and an amazing artist. We have made a good bond and I am convinced that in the future we will work together again. Kim I love you ♡

You favour vinyl-only DJ sets. What is your most prized record?

God Within – Raincry (US 1993)
Every time I play it, I get goosebumps and people always get excited.

How has lockdown been for you in Florence, Italy?

I have to admit that I didn’t mind so much. In life, breaks are good for body and soul. I experienced it as a moment of pause. Florence is a beautiful city, not my hometown but an excellent place to live. When the lockdown started, I started to reconsider the time frame of my day. I rediscovered boredom. I think I was no longer able to get bored and I started to rediscover this status.

What has been your best lockdown discovery?

My passion for plants and flowers. I spent a lot of time taking care of my plants. It gave me positive and a strong energy. I also trained every day; I took great care of my nutrition even though I enjoyed making some sweets. At the beginning I failed, but the last one I made were delicious.

Which other DJs and Producers excite you?

Moxie is a DJ that I respect very much, her musical culture is enviable. I really like Shanti Celeste as a producer and as a DJ, I hope to meet her soon. I have a very good relationship with Jackmaster, whom I consider a delightful person. I love Paramida’s musical taste and her way of expressing herself with music. Massimiliano Pagliara is someone I would work with in the future. Tama Sumo which for me best describes the idea of a real trip inside a club. Job Jobse is my current myth.

What can people expect from Matisa over the coming months?

I’m working hard. New music coming soon …I love to produce club music because that’s where I perform. I love the connection between people and music, place and music. My next EP will be released on the famous Moxie label On Loop and I’m really excited about this release.

When not in the studio or touring, how do you like to spend your time?

I love taking short but intense trips with the people I love. I am passionate about fashion; I develop many ideas and turn them into reality. I hope you have seen my new ‘The Elsewhere’ t-shirt.

Matisa ‘The Elsewhere’ EP is out now on Biologic Records. Buy at