Welcome back, DJ Le Roi! The Swiss-based DJ, producer, and Nordstern-resident is about to unleash his new single, the ‘Hyemalis EP’, via Upon.You Records – his third full-on solo release since he became part of the family in 2015 which is a definitive sure shot.

For the first remix of ‘Hyemalis’, we’ve got one of Germany’s greats at the controls – Mr. Timo Maas! His rework takes a deeper, mysterious and subaquatic route, brings in floating, Acid-reminiscing modulations, echoes of so-called Intelligent Techno and a well-hypnotic attitude that transfers entire dancefloors into a dreamlike state of consciousness.

DJ Le Roi – Hyemalis (Timo Maas Remix) [Upon.You Records]

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Artist: DJ Le Roi, Timo Maas
Title: Hyemalis EP
Label: Upon.You Records
Release: 2017-07-24


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Jimbo James