House aficionado DJ Kid has been making a name for himself on the airwaves as manager at Beach Radio, hosting five weekly shows on the station, and through his melodic-leaning productions, which have received praise from Grammy winner Black Coffee and beyond. The Florence-based artist returns on Junior Jack’s Adesso Music for his third outing on the label ‘Connected’, alongside Dutch singer/songwriter Felix Van Ginkel. Today we take a seat with DJ Kid to learn a bit more about his latest release and more!

Hi DJ Kid, welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers. How is your year going so far?

Hectic!  The launch of my latest collection as a clothing designer for my brand, Katian. That, combined with my constant endeavour with music, is always filling up my routine 24a.  New projects coming up within the next 4 months, August will be Ibiza the entire month to develop my musical creativity and to share my music, as well. 

After emerging on the Eastern European scene in the 90s, you established yourself in Florence. What impact has living in Florence had to the development of your sound?

Well, my sound is characterized by the influences of the past eras, when we were watching Prodigy on MTV and thinking how out of our comfort zone they were. Moving into the heart of Italy helped me to embrace new horizons for my music, with much more “commercial” use of the house music. 

Since being in Florence, you’ve made a name for yourself by managing the airwaves at Beach Radio. Out of DJing, producing and working on radio, which has been the most influential on your career? And why?

 Definitely producing. Because it defines you for who you are as an artist. When you write music , it’s like exposing yourself to the world. The radio was, is and will always be a passion for me. There’s something magic about it! Beach Radio was like being in a family, with my mates, listening to great music.Being a DJ is getting straight to my heart. It’s a constant challenge with yourself. I would DJ until I can’t move my arms anymore if people will be there listening.

Your latest single, ‘Connected’, just dropped on Addesso Music. How did you first get on board with the label?

 I had the greatest idea of getting in touch with mr. Geoff Muncey. We clicked right away; what a lovely soul ( even though he boils the potatoes for too long, please don’t tell him I said that). He and Vito, Junior Jack, gave me the opportunity to publish Sirens with Adesso. 

You have a signature style that seamlessly blends melodic piano chord progressions, dreamy synths, and punchy drums. What plug-ins or pieces of equipment are essential for you to create this sound in your studio?

Yes, and thank you. The Moog 37 is my favorite piece of equipment that helps my low end punch so well. I use the Komplete virtual library for my piano chords, Diva and Serum for my arpeggios. Writing music is the second best thing I chose for my life. First is my wife. 

Lastly, as summer approaches, are there any particular gigs or festivals that you’re looking forward to?

Summerians in Ibiza, hosted by Dj Kintar, the man behind Sudam Records. Burning Man, as it is always lovely to see that contagious artistic craziness.  Hi Ibiza, is a place where I’ll spend almost every evening getting to hear the best of the moment playing. And, of course, Amsterdam Dance Event in October, where I’ll promote new releases and play at some venues.

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