This year, at WMC, the Lovelife & Music is 4 Lovers’ resident cinematographer/photographer, Jeff Corrigan aka Turbo, made his way from party to party, snapping and shooting the best Miami had to offer. One of the stand out events he made it through (in conjunction with, was the ‘Dirtybird Players’ party, which boasted a lineup consisting of all their heavy hitters including boss-bird Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Eats Everything, Catz n Dogz, Worthy and more. What really put this event over the top, however, was the inclusion of a De La Soul performance at the peak hour of the party. Luckily for these dirtybirds, Jeff was there to capture it all in a series of photos you can view HERE, and a video recap, which you can view below. You think your video dude is good? Check out the skillful time-dilation, quirky interview antics, lens work and editing by ours. Yeah, we’re lucky to have him.

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Ugroove.TV Presents: Dirtybird Players party @ WMC – Miami 2013 – Villa 221 Feat. De La Soul, Claude von Stroke & Justin Martin. from Jeff Corrigan on Vimeo.

-Slow aka Jon Dadon