The anticipation has almost abated, as Detroit duo ATAXIA’s debut EP, The No. 6, is finally out on August 5th. Coming out on Culprit, the Los Angeles-based imprint now synonymous with savvy sounds, it is easy to see why these two are already being hailed as rising stars.

The airy title track features Clarian of Footprintz with his signature haunting vocals, behind a deliberately reflective melody that leaves the listener hypnotized and hopeful; its enchanting nature is sure to captivate crowds from the poolside to the Playa, invoking perceptions of paradise wherever it is played. As Clarian wistfully croons of a sleepless wave taking us away, it is hard not to drift off into a supernatural, sparkling sky. The A2 track ‘Love On,’ features Cari Golden smoothly singing over a sexy, pulsating bassline.

Boasting remixes from Luca C & Brigante and Safeword, the well-rounded EP has the goods to please from sunset to sunrise, and all those times in between. The Safeword remix maintains the same atmospheric overtones found in the original, while packing in a driving bassline and a breakdown sure to throw revelers into a titillated tizzy. Luca C & Brigante’s remix takes the track to a darker dwelling, with those robotic rhythms fit for the afterhours and undergrounds. The EP finishes on a high note with a fierce, flashy remix from fellow Detroiter, Dan Wagner.

From this provocative production, it is clear that ATAXIA craft passionate music evocative of the relentless optimism felt in the derelict city the duo calls home. There’s no doubt this debut will be taking us up and away for some time.





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