Dance Spirit have been enjoying a truly phenomenal year. They played Flying Circus in Ibiza and have put out EPs on Superfreq, Riff Raff, Home Audio, Supernature and Unike Music (and it’s only August!) The Android Cartel alter ego seem to be intaking their deepest influences and exhaling diversity, beauty and the kind of soul shaking productions that are unique to the most dedicated and well-versed in dance music.

Dance Spirit is a philosophy based on attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement.

They’re turning this theory into practice by their consistency in releasing high quality music that does, in fact, maintain a certain spiritual quality. Pacific Vibes, out today on Deepen Sound, delivers an addicting ominous depth that’ll keep this one on repeat for me.

“Sunset Hands” is the favorite, since its amalgamation of sweet house and acid features plus dreamy soundscape solidify it as an eternal classic. The Milton Jackson remix (and the Jay Tripwire Edit of it) has that amazing old-school feel, featuring warm pads and crispy, high-energy hats for a more immersive experience than the original.

“It’s Only You” and “Visual Expansion” are more dance-floor oriented, with prominent basslines buttressed by great vocal clips and those long, drawn out synth experimentations that I love so much.

Dance Spirit is delivering on their mantra and it feels so good. Stay in the loop and follow them on Facebook hereon Soundcloud here, and on Twitter here


Purchase Pacific Vibes HERE.