From top lines to low basslines, Deep Tribe have pummeled through each month of 2015 with brilliantly crafted EPs and singles. Kicking off the second half of the year, the boys are back on their mission to leave the dance floor in a devastating form as they prepare to release their next single “Inside Your Love,” which will start mending broken hearts on Wulfpack this [November 17th, 2015].

Basking in a sonic soliloquy, “Inside You Love” is a track that will take you on an interstellar journey. Starting in a wispy, Milky Way of reverb, “Inside Your Love” leads-in with a percussion ensemble of claps-on-snaps over a steady kick drum and oscillating toms. Romantic pianos join the summation of sounds, each note twinkling like a chorus of stars. Fully embracing a mien of tranquility, down-pitched vocals timidly tunnel through the galactic dreamscape. The highlight of the track, though, comes towards the latter end of the breakdown. With the vocals suspended in air, jungle-inspired snares fade-in and boil over to a frantic, glitchy sequence, perfectly timed within its cataclysmic structure.

Simultaneously creating a warm wash of sounds with a cool, aired demeanor, “Inside Your Love” signals the call for a spaced-out, relaxing time.


Artist:  Deep Tribe
Title:  Inside My Love
Label:  Wulfpack
Catalog No.:  WULF033
Release Date: 17 November 2015