Los Angeles imprint Culprit has just extended its reach even further into the musical universe with a label debut from the German duo Smash TV. Holger and Kai can seemingly do no wrong with release after release catching our attention with their unique style and dynamic vibe.

Cascadia ’ teeters somewhere between tech house and techno, utilizing spastic melodies and futuristic tones to generate tense buildups before unleashing dark bass tones that rattle us to our core. Standout track ‘ God Key ‘ absolutely obliterates our ear drums, causing us to literally clench our fists once the kick drum finally hits. The entire release is an energetic late night romper, guaranteed to cause some friction between your feet and the floor.


Artist:  Smash TV
Release Date: 2015-11-02
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP058

Prendi  Mano