We speak with one of Ireland’s finest exports Declan Canning whose Connection Records has served as a platform for quality house music for some time now. We find out more about his inspirations, his upbringing and his latest EP…

Hi Declan, pleasure to speak with you. How is everything with you?
Hi. Everything is great at the moment.

How has your 2018 been so far? Any highlights you want to mention?
2018 is going good so far. Gigs have started coming in and I have some great EP’s ready to go, so looking good.

We’re digging the new Double Trouble’ EP on Connection! How did you come to start the label and what inspired you to do so?
I started the label to be a platform for my own music (although the first 6 releases were from different international artists) and for me to put out music that I like and put it out when I want to put it out. Just to have full control over my music really.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound has changed over the years. It used to be more Deep House but now it would be a mixture of House and Techno.

Were you always musical growing up? What drove you to make house music? Who were your musical idols growing up?
Yeah I was always musical growing up as I played the drums and come from a very musical family.

House and Techno music has always been my first love and going from being a DJ to Producer was the next step.

My main musical idol growing up was Prince. I also loved artists like Depends Mode, Massive Attack, Eric B & Ramin, GangStar and of coarse the original House / Techno boys like Kevin Saunderson, Cashmere,, Derrick Carter, etc.

Where do you take inspiration from when it comes to making a track? Talk us through a typical day in the studio for you?
A typical day in the studio would involve me going through samples of old and new records or just going in and starting a track from scratch from inspiration that I would of got from a number of things like a track I’d heard on the radio, a movie I watched or just from a certain mood I’d be in.

What equipment do you use to produce?
My main DAW is Logic Pro 9 (haven’t upgraded to Logic X yet) and I use Arturia Keylab 49 with Mini Moog and Jupiter 8 synth plugins. I use Masculine and Roland Tr-8 for drums. Other plugins I use is Engine, Discovery, Subboombap. I mainly use Logic’s plugins for mastering.

What artists would you say have been your main influences in your career?
My main influences now would be artists like Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Bicep, Dirty Bird crew. These would be the main people I would look out for. 

What’s the scene like in Ireland for house and techno?
House and Techno scene used to be more underground in Ireland but recently there have been a lot more big nights being held especially in the bigger cities. 

There are also some really talented new producers making quality Electronic music from Ireland.

What influence has growing up in Ireland had on your sound and your career?
Growing up in inner city Dublin was tough. Luckily I have an amazing family that are very supportive of what I do. The area (Dolphins Barn) where I am from in Dublin was pretty rough back in the 90’s. It was a raw and gritty part of Dublin so I think that has effected my sound as I think that dark edge comes out in my music.

What are your 5 favourite records right now?
1. Eli Brown – Jungle Cry EP – Relief Records
2. Solardo – Today’s News – Repopulate Mars
3. Drafted – Drive Textures EP – Soma Records
4. Jeff Rushin – Pantzer – Propaganda Moscow
5. SEK – Deep Inside EP – Large Music

What does the future hold for Declan Canning? What further goals and ambitions have you yet to achieve?
My goal is to keep making the best music I can and hopefully people keep digging my sound. It’s not about fame or fortune with me. It’s just about putting out quality Electronic Music and if people are liking it and playing it out then that’s a bonus.

Double Trouble is out 16/03/2-18!