[Mix] Playa Del Carmen has become THE party spot worldwide to find yourself lost in moment, lost in a fantasy for the months of December and January. Ever since BPM’s inception in 2008, the already magical energy of Playa has started shifting to fully embody a winter wonderland of every twisted beautiful party fantasy imaginable. Especially in the world of underground, this is one of the rare occasions where the so many of artists, the creators, masterminds, and puppeteers of these tantalizingly twisted fantasies all come together in one place. The energy in Playa shifts during these heightened months and the tales of sweet entrancement , enchantment, and ecstasy carry from the shores of Mexico worldwide to spin a sweet fairtytale of the most magical, mystic, mysterious, and spellbinding spot. This year the festival, which in years past has taken place right before, during, and after New Years Day, will take place a bit later from January 4th-13th. However, fear not veteran BPM goers and eager beavers, if you’re planning to be down in Playa before the New Year hits, you are in for a f*^%ing treatCrosstown Rebels mastermind of deep, dark, and twisted fantasy sir Damian Lazarus has announced their plans for a 24 hour ‘Day Zero’ Party. In tandem with the symbolism of the Mayans, the ‘Day Zero’ party will honor the past year of what has been a huge energy shifting in 2012, and will bless 2013 as a clean slate and a fresh start.



Darlings, you are in for a treat. Enjoy this Free Download courtesy of the master puppeteer himself and download DAY ZERO – Sound of the Mayan Spirit, mixed by Lazarus, featuring 13 exclusive tracks by Mathew Jonson, Fur Coat, Shaun Reeves & Thugfucker, Jay Haze and many more