Yoshitoshi welcomes Darksidevinyl to the roster with two killer cuts…

Although he’s been producing for over 20 years, Darksidevinyl is a man who has really come into his own in 2022. Recent releases have seen him touch down at Wired, Connected, MoBlack, Nitegrooves and Selador; the latter release, ‘Plastic Dream’, picking-up the ‘cover’ on Spotify’s coveted Electronic Rising playlist.

His style is unique, fusing Afro-influences with house, all wrapped in a blanket of deep warmth, as Red Face, the lead on this AA side, demonstrates. But the track doesn’t stop there in its multi-cultural influences as it also infuses a sultry vox and Latin rhythms. “The idea came to me in a cafe,” explains DSV, “I was sat having a coffee when this track came on in the background and the idea flowed from there. It’s funny how inspiration can strike at any given place or moment!”

Meanwhile, Black Shine takes an instrumental path, and looks to a soaring string arrangement, which is almost Bond-esque in style and feel. If ever a dance track deserved a Maurice Binder / 007 credit sequence, this is it! The emotive, soundtrack feel was entirely deliberate though, as DSV continues to explain, “It really was written and produced for people who love that feeling of pure emotion on the dancefloor; the essence of that moment when the hairs stand-up on your arms, neck or both!”

Darksidevinyl ‘Red Face / Black Shine’ is OUT NOW on Yoshitoshi

Buy / Stream it here: https://lnk.to/YR287