Brazil’s Classmatic and Pemax combine to deliver their groove-focused, four track EP ‘Banannas’ on Roush this May.

Rising names within Brazil’s ever-evolving music scene, Classmatic and Pemax previously collaborated as part of the ‘Hip House’ EP on Riva Starr’s thriving Brock Wild imprint, whilst releasing solo material on the likes of Be One Limited and Hall Of Fame Records. Their emergence onto the scene hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with heavy support from artists including Latmun, Wade, Amine Edge & DANCE, and most importantly Hector Couto, who welcomes the duo to Roush for their debut offering on the label.

Lead track ‘Banannas’ is a slick, percussive cut that fluently combines organic percussion shots with delicate hats, whilst ‘Anotha School Shit’ raises the energy, keeping the groove ticking whilst introducing hooky vocalsamples, rolling snares and thumping low ends.

Classmatic & Pemax ‘Banannas’ is out on Roush on 14th May 2018.




Artist: Classmatic & Pemax
Title: Banannas EP
Label: Roush Label
Release Date: 2018-05-07

Juany Bravo

Senior Editor