Rising UK indie duo TENDER make an anticipated return after two years with their lovesick new single ‘daydreamers’, out on 19th January via Nettwerk.


‘daydreamers’ is a bouncing groove featuring ingenious pitched up vocal samples, sweet synth flourishes and an infectious funk bassline.


Lead singer James Cullen tops it all off with a plaintive vocal about devotion: “You don’t have to love me every single day / Just love me when it matters and baby I’m okay.”


The message behind ‘daydreamers’ is a beautifully simple one: “Not being able to think about anything else but that one person. All consuming love”, the duo says.


The fast climbing indie pair have their sights ahead for a full album, much of which was written throughout the pandemic focusing around the journey of both band members – made up of London/Brighton-based James Cullen and Dan Cobb.


Since the band’s inception, TENDER has specialised in walking that artful line between personal and the universal. The British duo’s acclaimed debut, Modern Addiction, charted the aftermath of a tumultuous breakup, earning rave reviews in the UK and US for its soul-baring candour, with Stereogum calling it “vibrant and entrancing”, while Metro hailed it as “stunning”.


The band’s debut album lead single ‘Nadir’ achieved nearly 75 million streams across platforms, and featured in the soundtrack of the Netflix smash To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved. The LP followed a series of similarly celebrated singles and EPs that saw the duo rocket from an unassuming bedroom project to an online sensation seemingly overnight success. Overall the band have now amassed over 500 million streams across the DSP platforms, as well as boasting nearly 300K YouTube subscribers.


With the stunning ‘daydreamers’, TENDER set the tone for what promises to be a momentous year ahead for the band.


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