A brilliant sequel to their debut album released last year, the Barcelona-based duo, Blond:ish unveil their latest release, spreading their global vibrations with auditory delight.  Welcome to the Present Remixe continues their mystical journey, with an immersive collection of world music, highlighting the artist’s shining talents, in addition to showcasing the work of several new remixers and collaborators.

Shattering the invisible confinement of genres, Montreal natives Anstascia and Vivie-Ann explore various layers of sound in their release.  As members of the Kompakt and Get Physical families, in addition to a plethora of releases with other labels, the duo continues to captivate us with their unique blend of dark, sensual and new-age music.

Swedish house/techno producer Jesper Dahlbäck (aka “The Persuader”) opens things up with a deliciously upbeat and richly textured rendition of “Nada Brahma”. Drawing significant influence from both folkloric and electronic spheres, NYC’s Damien K. Sahri has his hand at a lovely remix of “Jupiter & Jaguar”, boasting hypnotic vocals and intoxicating tribal drums, sure to make that body sway.  The girls enlist Indian musician, Bahramji, in “Laberinto”, revealing a seductive blend of piano, psychadelic strings with a magnetic echoing of vocals, layered upon a bed of sultry bass.  Funky, fresh and charismatic, San Proper’s interpretation of “Lucy’s Affair” takes you to groovy territory with its fresh vocals, bold guitar riffs and striking percussion.  NU and LUM close out the release with “Mayan Caravan”, luring you in with exotic flutes and soft, yet penetrating beats, creating a beautifully ambient space in time.


Artist: Blond:ish
Release Date: 2016-04-12
Label: Kompakt

Blond:ish – Welcome to the Present Remixe

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor