French house Producer & DJ Blazers has released Traffic Lights on Skint Records – a taster of his Live At The Fitness Room EP, out next month.

Perfectly capturing a balmy 1980’s night drive, surrounded by the city skyline, glistening streetlights, and swaying palm trees, Blazers describes Traffic Lights as being “heavily influenced by Hi-NRG songs, Italo-disco and synth wave remixes such as Lifelike’s famous track ‘Heatwave’”. The looping synths and pulsating piano chords shimmer throughout, accompanied by the uplifting female ‘80s vocal sample of Shirley Lites Heat You Up (released on West End), presenting a warm and vibrant feel-good fusion of deep house, disco, and electro.

Blazers Live At The Fitness Room EP will be released on Skint Records on 4 March.

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