No doubt – Ben & Vincent has literally captured the summer vibe from the vivid streets of Lisbon to create a superb fresh song. Together with the charismatic folk jazz ensemble “G combo” from Portugal, he delivers his latest song “Nada Más”.

This playful tune combines the honesty of authentic street music with a distinctive electronic groove, delivering pure embracing happiness through the speakers. Swaying percussion fuses with a pulse-pounding double bass and rhythmic beat on “Nada Más” to create a sun-drenched ode to long nights of dancing and frisky bliss.

The jazzy soul of the production is given a special cumbia touch by accordion and enchanting flair by a decently added clarinet. The voice of the ensemble singer gives “Nada Más” an extra laid-back quality that is second to none. Sweet like a pasteis de nata and exhilarating like a rich port wine, the song touches body and soul in equal measure.