A bright shift in energies this year is enlightening connections at Eduardo Castillo’s new warehouse space.  Home to Voodoo XL that invited guests through the night, 2014 welcomes conscious followers and esteemed guests to flow through the day into Sunday’s sunset.

January marked the beginning of this inspiring venture when Francesca Lombardo took the decks and stimulated the creative wanderlust Gypset is grounded in.  This weekend, Swedish maestro Axel Boman will set the sun with his sensational collection and upbeat demeanor.  His culturally infused and blissfully toned production fully embody what the Gypset concept stands for as it attempts to harness the spontaneous excitement and free-spirited whims of the gypsy soul.

Come early, enjoy the delicious food and elixirs at your service and dress to impress in your most opulent layers because this affair will be one to remember.

Get Involved // See you on the dancefloor <3